Darn Tough socks hanging out Angel's Rest at the eastern terminus finish of the Chinook Trail

Darn Tough socks hanging out Angel’s Rest at the eastern terminus finish of the Chinook Trail

Whenever a hiker asks we what type of socks to wear on a long distance trail, I always steer them to Vermont Darn Tough socks. First, I believe that the tightly knit weaving keeps out trail grime and leads to a better fit—which helps prevent blisters. Second, I really like that they are made in the US. Lastly (and perhaps the most important for long distance hiker) there is an unconditional LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Wait—did you hear that right? Yes! If you get holes in your socks, Darn Tough will replace them for free. Darn Tough is so confident that the average user won’t be able to put a hole in their well-built construction, that they actually will give you a new pair if you ever manage to get holes.

4,000 miles later

4,000 miles later

I’ve talked to people who hike every weekend and have had the same pair of Darn Tough socks for 10 years without getting holes. But as a long distance hiker who is known to wear the same pair of socks everyday and as someone who puts miles into my socks that far exceed the average user, I have managed to get some holes in my Darn Toughs.

So here’s what I’ve done to get a free replacement:

  1. Wash my socks. If I’m going to return them, at least I should have the courtesy to bring them back in good shape. I’ve heard that sometimes, the Darn Tough team takes used socks to help aid in design and construction improvements. I could be helping to make a better sock!
  2. Seek out my local gear store: A lot of independent gear stores will take holey Darn Tough socks and replace them for free on the spot.
  3. Find Darn Tough at festivals and outdoor gatherings: Darn Tough booths at outdoor events like PCT Days are happy to switch out socks on the spot
  4. Mail them in!

    Packaged up and ready to go

    Packaged up and ready to go

Below is a documentation of my process of mailing in my Darn Toughs. I’ve only ever had to do it twice, but had a great response each time I did.

  1. After washing my socks, I packaged them up in a manila envelope. They’re plenty safe in there and it weighs less than a padded envelope or box (less expensive for shipping)
  2. Fill out this simple Warranty Form, print it out, and sign it.
  3. Mail it all off to:


Warranties Department

364 Whetstone Drive

Northfield, VT 05663

  1. I used first class mail instead of priority mail to ship out the envelope. It cost me $2.50 to mail three pairs of socks from California to Vermont. For new socks, that seems like a deal to me!
  2. Wait about 10 days and you’ll get some brand new socks mailed to your door with Priority shipping in a padded envelope. Hooray!


The lifetime warranty actually works!!!

Brand new socks arrived in the mail!

Brand new socks arrived in the mail!