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This is part of a multi-part series reviewing the State of the Hiker Food Market highlighting the new trend of savory food bars. To see other savory bar reviews, check out the savory bar series.

This weekend, I climbed Goat Mountain with four other thru-hikers: Steven Shattuck (trail name: Twinkle), Brian  Davidson (trail name: Mr. Gorbachev), Bill Murphy (Pi) John McNeedy (Cactus)—representing 40,000 miles of trail experience. We taste tasted the Epic Bison and Cranberry Bar as part of our summit snack.

Weight: 1.5 oz (45g) Calories: 200 Protein: 11 g.

Interesting notes: Grass-fed bison, Paleo, Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free with no artificial ingredients. High in Vitamin B12.

Ingredients I’m intrigued by: grass-fed bison, uncured bacon-no nitrites or no nitrates, dried cranberries (that’s pretty much it for ingredients)

Price: $2.50 a piece, which is pretty standard for jerky and other preserved trail meats.

Overall thoughts: Despite the bro-ly name of this bar, we all were blown away by this bar’s incredible taste. It had a great, moist texture that made it far superior to any jerky or other meat-based trail food I’ve had. The bar is pretty tiny, but an incredible treat. Pi was all but using his phone to order a case from the summit.

Where to get: Amazon, Epic’s website, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocer’s, Vitamin Shoppes, Coops, REI, local natural food stores, local gear outfitters, and Crossfit gyms. Available in all 50 states and online.

 Nothing like watching 5 experienced long distance hikers try a bacon bar….