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With guest vlogger, Brian “Mr. Gorbachev” Davidson, we took the Gardenbar Japanese Savory on the Colorado Trail.


Weight: 1.76 oz (50g) Calories: 190 Protein: 5 g

Interesting nutritional notes: Very high in Vitamin A (30%) and C (35%), and pretty good in Calcium (6%) and Iron (8%), Vegan, Gluten-free, GMO-Free

Ingredients I’m intrigued by: Quinoa crisps, dried shiitake mushrooms, freeze dried red cabbage, sesame seeds, Freeze dried Miso, Nori Vegetarian seaweed, wasabi powder

Price: $1 a piece, so definitely on the reasonable size. Note this is the price Gardenbar charged at PCT Days , so retailers may increase the price.

Overall thoughts: Delicious—one of the best of those we reviewed as part of the series, and definitely a unique flavor! Could be denser (heavier on nuts and calories), but it tastes great and has a lot of healthy ingredients harder to find on trail. Because it isn’t as calorie dense as my go-to on-trail bar, the Probar, it could also work well as a lower-calorie post-gym, dayhike, or bored at the office snack.

Where to get: Gardenbar website, coops and grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest including (but not limited to) Portland, Ashland, Cascade Locks (right on the PCT), Corvallis, Eugene, Vancouver, and randomly . . . a tea store where I live in Denver.

Disclaimer: Mr. G and I purchased these bars with our own money. All bars were tested on trail while hiking–so our reviews may be based on hunger rather than taste. I’m allergic to peanuts and don’t eat turkey, so not all flavors are reviewed.