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Gear for a September High Sierra Trip

Gear for a September High Sierra Trip

This week, I’ll be headed to the High Sierra to enjoy some end-of-the-season hiking. Temperatures in the day will in the 60s and 70s with a predicted low at night in the 20’s and 30’s. There’s a 20% chance of rain, wind, and thunderstorms for the next week, so I’m bringing lots of good coverage and cold weather gear.

I’ll be camping at the trailhead tonight, so will possibly switch in a full length inflatable pad or an inflatable torso pad+full length Thinlight Insulation pad depending on how cold or warm I am tonight.

This is my first time using the new Gossamer Gear Gorilla, which, unlike my Kumo, will fit a bear can. I’m using the Bearikade, because, although bear cans aren’t required in this area, hanging is required and I passionately dislike the process of hanging food in the cold, dark, and rain. I borrowed the bear can from a friend for a Yosemite trip that didn’t end up happening due to wildfires, so want to try it out on this trip, instead.

We’ll be out for 4 days and then I’m going to add on another trip afterwards for another 2 nights, 3 days if the weather holds. I’m excited to be getting back to one of my favorite hiking places ever.

Gear Item Gear company and model Weight (in ozs)
backpack GG Gorilla size M with size S pocketed hipbelt 22.40
waterproof pack cover Compactor Bag 3.70
sleeping pad GG Nightlite 4.70
shelter+guylines MLD Cuben Solomid with guylines 10.90
Shelter stuff sack MLD Sil Medium  0.70
Stakes 6 Titanium Stakes 2.00
stake bag Silbag 0.30
sleeping bag (no stuff sack) Brooks Range Cloak 15 Quilt 22.50
ground sheet or bivy sack MLD Superlite size XL 8.10
Total 75.30
Sleeves Smartwool Sleeves 1.60
Puffy top WM Flash Down Jacket with hood 8.90
Raingear top NW Alpine Eyebright 5.40
Raingear bottom MLD rain skirt 1.20
Waterproof gloves MLD Event Rain Mitts 1.30
Windshirt Isis windshirt 2.80
warm hat OR Down 1.70
spare socks Darn Tough No Show Ultralight (2 pairs) 2.70
Rain gaiters MLD rain gaiters (link shows newer model) 2.50
sleeping socks Darn Tough Solid Crew Cushion 1.90
Compression calf sleeves Altra Compression Calf Sleeve 1.20
clothing stuff sack Cuben MLD 0.40
Total 31.60
stove Trail Designs gram cracker with LNT titanium protector 0.20
windscreen Trail Designs Caldera Cone 1.20
matches / lighter Mini Bic 0.40
cook pot Trail Designs Foster Can Pot 0.90
cook pot lid Trail Designs Foster Can Lid 0.20
utensils Titanium Spork 0.30
Bear Protection Bear Can 30.00
water storage+ cap 2+ liter Platy 1.50
Food and energy drink prep 16 oz Peanut butter jar 2.00
Hydration tube Hoser, clip, and mini biner 1.90
Water Filter Sawyer Mini 1.40
Total 40.00
Headlamp/flashlight necklace Photon Freedom Microlight  0.40
sun Sawyer Stayput SPF 30 1.00
Lip balm Joshua Tree Spf 18 0.50
toothbrush Toothbrush with end broken off 0.20
toothpaste Toothpowder 0.10
toilet paper 4 squares per day 0.60
hygiene micro bottle alcohol gel 0.10
Potty trowel QiWiz Original Trowel 0.40
Salves Antibiotic Ointment, hydrocortisone 0.10
Vitamins/Salt tabs 0.70
Matches Matchbook 0.10
meds Immodium, naproxin, Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Giardia meds 0.30
repair Gear Aid Tenacious Tape 0.05
Camera Canon A490+2 Lithium AA batteries 5.60
Safety pin 0.05
Compass 1.40
Pen and Blister Care Sharpie and Leukotape 1.00
Hairband 0.05
Wet wipe wound care 0.10
maps and permits 3.00
Total 15.75
lbs 10.17