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My nastiest experiences with unclean water haven’t been on trail (no, not even on the Continental Divide Trail). Instead, I needed good water treatment the most when I was staying and living with families in Botswana, Cambodia, and Nicaragua. As a hiker, I choose to bring myself to areas where the water may not be the cleanest, yet 1 in 6 people in the world don’t get that choice. Their water is contaminated and they have no choice about whether to use it or not.  I’m proud that organizations like Wine to Water and Sawyer filters are working to make water cleaner worldwide.

It’s pretty awesome being sponsored by a company that has a mission besides profits. Sawyer is ensuring people around the world have access to clean water (you can see a relative of the filter I use backpacking in this cool video). Happy World Water Day!


CNN has a nice interview with the founder of Wine to Water here