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Had a satisfying breakfast at Red’s Meadow and saw tons of hikers—wow, this trail is different from the Long Trail. So many more people!

I knew I had some big miles to do today, but dawdled in town as one is accustomed to doing. I got cell reception, so called my mom. The showers are still being rebuilt at Red’s Meadows, but the lady at the store told me to give myself a sponge bath in their bathroom. Really??? What establishment owner encourages that kind of activity? How awesome!

The weather turned to thunderstorms later in the afternoon. I had to decide whether hanging out at 10,000 feet above treeline was a good idea. I ended up meeting a cool hiker named Tom and we camped with some other folk at Squaw Lake. He got an awesome photo of his cuben fiber MLD Patrol shelter next to my cuben fiber MLD poncho tarp. Photo to come!


Should I over over the pass?