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I keep running into hikers who say they have hiked the JMT as part of their PCT hike. This just isn’t possible. If a PCT hiker went up Whitney and hiked the extra 24-26 miles from Tuolumne Meadows down to Yosemite Valley—that still isn’t a JMT hike! There are about 13 miles that separate from PCT and JMT between Red’s Meadows and Thousand Island Lake. Go back and do that section!

Ok, I am mostly joking–but the new 13┬ámiles I hadn’t hiked before were beautiful hills between island studded lakes.

Donahue Pass, as I expected, was surprisngly easy as the up is gradual, even if it is surprisingly high for this early on in the hike.


Enjoying the view from Donahue Pass–with bits of Lyell and McClure–two peaks I enjoyed climbing in my days before long distance hiking