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A rare view from beneath the trees


My day started out with the Mahoosuc Notch-esque (the so-called hardest mile on the AT) rock scramble slippery wet jumble of Devil’s Gulch. Unlike yesterday, today was pretty toasty. The most notable part of my day was at the end. I crossed Highway 242 and saw a guy sitting in his truck. Call me slightly paranoid, but my guidebook warns that the shelter that I was planning to stay at is close to the road. Furthermore, I had read that a woman hiking the LT alone who had stayed at a shelter even farther along the trail had been threatened by a man. Considering I had spent so many days alone at shelters, I didn’t know what to think. When I got to Jay Camp, maybe .3 miles from the road, I saw there was another hiker. Hmm…that ends my streak of alone sheltering. These situations usually go well, but if the guy was sketchy, I didn’t want to be alone at a shelter with him. We introduced ourselves (his name is Slider), and ended up being really cool. I even offered him a ride in our car back to the civilization after the hike. Tomorrow is going to be the big day! 5815′ gain