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The view from Johnson

Made it to Johnson last night, but the woman who picked me up in the pouring rain as I was hitch-hiking into town was really curious where I came from and what had happened to me. It wasn’t until several hours later when I finally looked in the mirror that I understood: my entire face was smeared in mud like a television war solider! Got my first shower and laundry for a week.

View from the Awesome View hostel

As expected, I had a hard time dragging myself out of time and sometime around 11, (for the first time in 10,000 miles of hiking), I stuck my thumb out and IMMEDIATELY got a ride back to the trail. Cool trail today with maple syrup tap lines over the trail!

Maple Syrup lines! Too bad it isn’t tapping season…

Also, went by this cool cave/long rock formation that reminded me of the Great Wall of China in the Bob Marshall Wilderness with waterfalls running off.

The Great Wall of China in Vermont


The weather wasn’t great so I didn’t get much of a view, but it cleared up for the end of the day at Spruce Camp. I was alone again at the shelter–its been like that since Sunrise Camp–6 days of being alone at shelters. This one felt a bit haunted and smelled funny, so I hammocked. I’ve been pushing so hard, its funny to think it will all be over in less than 2 days. 4605′ gain (similar to yesterday, but felt much easier today….being clean will do that to you).