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Long Trail feet are swollen feet

I knew today would be dry, but had no idea how dry it’d actually be. I filled up my Platypus completely with 2.5L of water at the Stark’s nest rainwater catchment and hoped that would do me over Burnt Rock (another exposed, fun, rock climbing type peak) and onto the next water…somewhere. I saw a lot of people today–some probably southbounders…but water…not so much.

I could see Camel’s Hump from Burnt Rock and it was an intimidating sight all day. I can’t believe how exposed the peaks are and how steep the rock is (seriously not a Western trail). Again, I’m glad the rock isn’t wet. The ups and downs were more serious today with far distances between tannin-red trickles of water.

Camel’s Hump from Burnt Rock

The hard day’s work was rewarded though when I got to Camel’s Hump–a cool exposed granite peak with lots of sweet alpine veg. But the downhill–my knees feel like they did the first time I did the Appalachian Trail with Lyme disease–and my feet are begging for a stop. I had Damforth shelter all to myself and set up my hammock outside of it–hoping that by elevating my poor feet as I sleep, they may forgive me for abusing them. Stoked for my 1st resupply in 5 days tomorrow. 4255′ gain (the hardest day of the trail so far elevation wise, and, I daresay, even after finishing, I still think it was the hardest day)

Sunset over the Green Mountains