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Free Vermont hospitality

Crazy up and down journey through the Breadloaf Wilderness. The guidebook warns that water on the LT north of Maine junction is scarce and despite all the rain we’ve had, I’m finding it true. Walked past Middlebury’s ski slope and a whole mountain owned by the college. Also did a “run off trail and seek lower ground to avoid lightening” event which involved setting up my tarp and sitting the storm out while I made tea with the little water I had left (totally worth it).

I’m staying the night in Skyline Lodge which is the sweetest shelter known to a trail looking out at a lily covered pond—and I had it all to myself! Oh, also a night lightening storm that rocked the shelter’s roof and flash-boomed right above me. I took solace in the .2 miles I had walked off trail (and downhill) to get to the lodge. Maybe that was the .2 miles that spared me. 4140′ gain

The view from my private cabin