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Doing the same miles that Liz (I) did in 2008. Staying at the same shelters, getting to town and leaving town at the same times. The pace is exhausting. I have so much respect for Liz doing it like this in bad weather, as her first thru-hike, with Lyme Disease!!!

Saw Katahdin from the top of Saddleback. I was ecstatic. Saw a moose coming up to Spaulding Mountain.

I’ve noticed that as I write in trail registers, my grammar and spelling is starting to fade. I’ve still got quite a bit of energy left, but am excited to be a normal human (instead of a hiking machine).

Just answering a few questions people have emailed me along the way:

Castaway—I’ll answer your questions next time I have internet.
Trek—I haven’t been eating nearly as much ice cream as I would like to be.