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13 hikers holed up in Goose Pond shelter

My mileage today is embarrassing, but I know I did the right thing. I have a few side goals to this hike–to do it stronger, better, and faster than in 2008. Also, to not cry.

I got near hypothermic on Goose Eye peak and came into Full Goose shelter kind of disoriented. I headed north, but after 30 min, thought I had gone the wrong direction. That’s when I said: “Snorkel, head back. If you accidentally went South, then you can find the sign that will lead north. If you went North, and are this out of it, you need to stay at the shelter and get your mind back in the right place.”

So, I ended my day at 11 am and hung out with Tom and Tea Cozy. I know I did the right thing. This hike is about learning from my other hikes, and I’m glad I didn’t push on. I was safe and I didn’t cry.