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So, it was cool having a shelter last night, but there aren’t any privys for a long time between Indian Rock Shelter and public land. Sorry to the private landowner whose forest I had to “use.” It’s funny that I did so much roadwalking on the CDT, and yet never had this problem before. I guess there weren’t as many cars on the roads I walked, so it wasn’t as big of a problem.

Ran into Cool Breeze, another Triple Crowner, and he played some jazz penny flute for me. What a hoot that guy is!

Also saw Mellow Yellow, who thru-hiked the AT last year, on the roadwalk. Man, I should’ve grabbed some water before that roadwalk—maybe at the waterfall. It was hot and the restauraunt wasn’t as near to the trail as I thought.

Had a great fried catfish with hushpuppies lunch on the river at Toccoa Riverside. Fantastic food and reasonably priced. They were cool with me hanging out there for 2 hours, reading Benton’s biography, charging my phone, and drinking tons of water. Their thermometer read 90 degrees!!!

Made my reservation for Hiker Hostel–I’ll finish the day after tomorrow and get picked up the next morning. So much interwebbing to do before I leave for the AT.

Very hot up and down, and again, I made my miles with the help of Lady Gaga, caffeine, and an unexpected spring along the trail.

Set up hammock in a nice spot at Payne Gap (not spelled like Thomas Paine). There were crazy loud coyotes and owls howling and hooting until midnight, but was a nice spot.