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Webb Bro’s store didn’t open until 9, so I had to northbound the BMT around then to get my package. I had an awkward interaction at the store involving getting 2 packs of hot cocoa from Inza (sp?), the lady at the store. It ended up being her private stash, not the store’s, and I felt weird. I tried to pay her for it, but I’m not sure how it worked out.

I had a hard time leaving since everyone wanted me to stay the night or chat. Apparently, it was chicken wing night. Time was at a stand still, but I finally pushed hard through the heat, only to have a NYer who owns a summer home there make a comment about another earthquake in Japan. Since half my family is in Japan, I was freaking out, but didn’t have cell reception.

I was hot and very thirsty all day and had way, way too much food from the package. I could’ve made it to Springer without the Webb Bro’s store package. Oh well.

I entered Little Frog Wilderness at the sign, and was unclear where the BMT went. I crossed a ridge that was poorly maintained–well, recently maintained overgrown blackberry bushes. I followed an old logging road to the Kimsey Mtn Highway and saw a hiker kiosk that said “Deep Gap.” Yet, it was unclear where the BMT was. I thought I was at the “Deep Gap” section of the BMT, but didn’t know whether to roadwalk the highway east or west. As it was getting dark, I gave up, walked back to the wilderness up the logging road, set up camp. I was so depressed that I didn’t cook.

I ended up getting cell reception and by talking with my parents and friends, had my spirits lifted. I knew I’d figure it out. Hilariously, as I lie in my hammock chatting on the phone, I heard a bear off in the bushes. I made noise and scared it off, but it lead to a sleepless, exhausting, frustrating night.