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Got to the Fish Hatchery at Tellico and was expecting to have to walk a mile or two to get my package from Keith according to the map.

When I got there, I followed the sign up to the fish, only to realize it is only 250 feet off the BMT! How smart to send a package there instead of trying to hitch to the far away, spread out Tellico Plains!

I waited at the office of the fish hatchery for almost an hour with no Keith–and was freaking out. I had plenty of food, but wanted my package. Also, I was watching a very severe storm crawl into the hills north of me.

Keith showed up in his green truck (future note: he says “If the green truck isn’t here, I’m not there.”), and immediately offered to let me stay the night at his house. I couldn’t resist, and had a fantastic time. Keith knew tons about the history of the TN mountains and the natural environment around me. I felt so lucky to have run into such a nice, friendly, generous person. That’s trail magic–all the cool people you meet along the trail who teach you things.