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Pie Town with Nita

I spent my birthday in Pie Town, NM–I can’t imagine a better place to spend my 25th than a place specializing in pie. The trail since then has been quite pleasant since then.

Gila Cliff dwellings

We’ve spent two very cold nights by the Gila River. locals tell us the nighttime temperatures have been 13 degrees, and it feels even colder in a canyon. The trail requires us to ford the frozen and icy river 70 times and my feet have never been colder. I didn’t know it was possible for feet to hurt and be numb at the same time. I felt like I was carrying lead weights on my feet. We took the trail to the Gila Cliff Dwellings, which was a nice cultural and historical lesson along the trail, and I found myself in shorts and a t-shirt again in the afternoon. The warm afternoon and super cold night temperature cycle in NM is still messing with me. As the days have been getting shorter, we wake up before sunrise and hike in the dark and then hike past sunset by headlamp as well. It will be sad to finish, but it is really getting quite cold in the morning and night.