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The red lava path in the sea of lava

The California lands around the CA-OR border were especially hot and rough, but it seemed like as soon as we passed the border, water became abundant again, snakes and bears disappeared, and everything became wonderful (Update: after completing Oregon, I can frankly say that no bear droppings or snakes were seen in the entire state…’course once we crossed the OR-WA border, the bear scat started appearing again).  Kind locals left sodas along the trail for us near Ashland, and we had a relaxing stay for a day with my best friend’s family in Ashland.


Beautiful walking with lots of views

OR was incredible.  It was quick miles, easy walking, and great views.  The skies would open for thundershowers and a bit of rain almost everyday—for a while, quite a welcome break from the scorching heat of Northern California.  The trail brought us to Crater Lake, and the all you can eat buffet within the park borders!  We picked up some new hiking friends, Miss Information and Pi, in mid-Oregon.

The weather turned rough for a day and near hypothermia brought the four of us to Bend, OR for a day of relaxation.  Pi, and I attempted to eat the Ben and Jerry’s Vermonster (a sundae served in a large bucket), but even hungry hikers were unable to conquer the beast.  I blame a hearty brunch consumed right before the Vermonster for my failure.

My eyes glaze over from sugar comatose.

Miss Info’s mom met as at road crossings to take us into town or bring us food, and a kind retired man who lives in Bend also provides hikers with shuttling services while in Oregon. We crossed lava fields from old volcanoes and got to sleep in a lava castle for a night!  Restaurants and town food almost everyday made Oregon quite a thru-hikers treat.

Excited not for the high point, but the discovery of famous hiker Billy Goat’s pack left on the trail